Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It snowed here last night! It just doesn't snow in Las Vegas! Alright, it actually does snow here, usually every year. What it doesn't do is stick. There was snow on both cars when I took the trash out this morning!

Sheryl was supposed to have her hip surgery yesterday afternoon. I haven't heard results yet. Joan had XRays taken on Friday, and was asking the PT folks if she could go home yesterday. (I'm talking to the head of PT, to see if she's allowed to walk yet. She walks on the broken pelvis anyway, which is really slowing the healing). I'll know more on both fronts this afternoon. Joan's not going home any time soon.

(Gritting my teeth - I was going to talk about knitting in this blog) I've been knitting a terribly cool (complicated) lace sock for Joyce at Wooly Wonders. It's out of Optimum - that new Optimum Merino that is supposed to be so soft. I'm not enthralled with the wool. It's very soft. The ply is very loose, so it was really easy to grab only one strand of the ply, instead of both. Especially with the darned dull Addi needles.

And, for a yarn that's as expensive as it is, there were a LOT of knots in that very small skein. The odd thing was there would be a knot in only one of the two plies. Grrr.

And, of course, I ran out of wool, about 6 rows from the end of the toe of the sock. I LOVE toe up socks. This purple sock is getting an orange and purple striped toe. But the pattern is lovely!

Pictures soon.

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