Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Definition of Family

J the Ex and I have been divorced for 22 (wonderful) years. Now, his mom is in a rehab center, and I've seen J more in the last two months than I have in the last 10 years. He's fairly recently remarried (again - I'm one of the early ex-wives) to Steppie, a really nice woman. I'm happy for them both.

J the Ex has "poor, poor, pitiful me" down to an art. I can't believe this. Today is his birthday, and I'm throwing him a party in his mom's room.

Joan is trapped in a wheelchair right now, and has major memory issues. She's feeling scared and helpless and is grumpy about the whole situation.

I'm not doing the party for J, I'm doing this for Joan.

So J is getting a cheesecake with a candle, a silly hat, and a book from Joan. (Joan keeps forgetting that I'm buying a book for her to give J, but that's OK.)

Possible silly hat choices:



I'll see what I can find at the party store.

One of the perks of being long divorced is I get to make J look silly, without being accused of being mean.

I love being divorced! But I am looking forward to not thinking about J the Ex again, for months on end.

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