Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Tuesdays are for Spinning

Right now, Tuesdays are for Spinning . I bet you wondered about the origin of that! I'd forgotten that the Yarn Harlot took a spinning class on Tuesdays. I'd thought she'd just had to designate a day when she did spinning instead of knitting. It's good to be reminded of history.

So, I'll take my Mother Marion's Spinning Machine, and my lovely Alpaca fiber (Katharine has the most beautiful finger rovings for sale on Ebay!), and take them to my LYS tonight, and add to my supply of yarn for the throw I'm going to make for my Mom next year. (She doesn't know about it, and doesn't read blogs!)

I've been buying books and fiber from Katherine at the Fuchsia Fleece for a long time. She's just the best.

I'll be visiting my family back east, just after Solstice. I keep hoping that we'll be able to visit Katharine in Virginia!

Joyce (at Wooly Wonders) assures me that WEDNESDAYS will be for Spinning, after the New Year. Tuesday at WW is Open Knitting, so I'm a bit of an iconoclast with my wheel. Joyce has finally agreed that Spinners Deserve a Night. Now the Knitters are complaining bitterly. I told them they're welcome on Wednesdays, but they must stand in the middle of the room and turn in circles while they knit.

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