Sunday, December 10, 2006

Family Obligations

"Family" has an amorphous and not very limited definition in my world. I've spent the day doing things for my family.

I attended Master Eric's mom's memorial service this morning. I'll be honest. I hadn't realized that Eric's mom was still alive. Or that she had been ill. Or even that she'd died. But, a mutual friend called last night to say the memorial service was today. Eric is a friend. I went. He's part of my family.

I just did about 8 loads of laundry. Since I do it with a pressure washer (instead of an electric washer), this actually involves muscle and time. And I lugged it all outside, and hung it out to dry in the sunlight.

I needed to do laundry anyway, but my mother in law (J the Ex's mom) is in a rehab center, and had an accident, and needed the laundry done right away.

Joan is dear to me. She's family. I'll do her laundry any time.

I just spent about an hour on Amazon, ordering Christmas presents. It involved three separate orders, all going different places. I love to give things that people want and will enjoy. They're my family.

Maybe, I can use the rest of the afternoon for myself. I think I count as family too.

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