Sunday, December 17, 2006

Memories 2

Alright, usually Joan is aware that her memory is going. Yesterday, she wasn't. It was a bad day.

She didn't remember that she'd asked me to wash the sweater she'd knit for her mother 35 years ago, and made the aide check the sheet eight times, and accused the poor aide of stealing the sweater.

She insisted her roommate had been asleep all day. Dorothy kept saying "I haven't been asleep." Joan looked at me and said "She's really been asleep." Dorothy, who is the most laid back person in the world finally shouted "I haven't been asleep!"

Joan told me that (a) J the Ex was taking her out for dinner (JTX is taking her out on Monday evening, not last night) (b) and he was going to take her to a restaurant she likes near her old house (the restaurant is immediately adjacent to her new apartment) and he was going to take her by the old house up on the mountain (he had pictures of the house where they lived for years, in Virginia. He shared them with everyone last week, on his birthday).

Nothing anyone said could convince her of anything different. (She insisted the aide had only put one sheet on the bed. There were two, but I put another one on).

Yesterday was not a good day. After leaving my (very confused) MIL, I went over to my LYS for an hour or so of peace and knitting. Shortly after I got there, Cheryl started gathering her stuff up to leave, and took her MIL's partially consumed soda into the bathroom to empty it. We heard a huge crash and a scream. Cheryl had fallen, and... it's her hip.

Her husband had just had his second kidney removed (he's on dialysis till they can get him a new kidney), so he was at home sleeping. Cheryl had the car. I went and got Paul. Joyce (the LYS owner) called the ambulance. Cheryl still hadn't had xrays when I stopped by the hospital.

Today is our potluck at Wooly Wonders. It's got to be a better day.

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