Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Theory of Cruising

A week before Mom and I went on the cruise to the South of France, my coworker Jon went on his first cruise ever. He went someplace warm (I think he saw Chichen-Itza), with his lovely lady.

When I returned, I asked him how his cruise was. His eyes got big as dinner plates, and his face was the image of wonder.

"I was kind of expecting the boat to be kind of a glorified tanker. It was a... a.... Floating Bellagio!"

I was on a tiny (but lovely) river boat. Jon was on one of the monster cruise ships, and it blew him away!

When Mom and I were flying back to America, I told her my dream of the Ultimate Cruise. "One of the big boats. Entirely filled with yarn and fiber. All the ballrooms and event space totally given over to comfortable chairs where people can knit or spin or weave as they wish. And, it takes WEEKS to get where we're going, so there are no shore excursions, or other distractions. And the deck chairs are all filled with knitters being pampered by cabana boys..." Mom said "Good luck selling that!"

When I got back, I ran across this in Spindlicity. I called Mom right away, and said "How do you feel about taking my Ultimate Cruise (almost) to Alaska?" So, we're going to Alaska in August 2007! I'm so jazzed.

On a related note, I ran into The Ex (J) when I was visiting his Mom in rehab. (We've been divorced for 22 years. 22 wonderful years. So there's zero animosity) He mentioned that his wife had tripped over some Christmas decorations, and messed up her knee badly, and they might not be able to go on their planned Mexico Cruise next week.

I was appalled! "But, that's the ULTIMATE treatment for a bad knee!!! Warm weather. A deck chair to keep your leg up. Three cabana boys constantly plying you with alcohol!" J didn't think his wife would see it like that.

When I got home, I was telling Chaos (our 23 year old son) about Steppie's accident, and the cruise problem. There are times when I know he's really my son. Before I said a word, he said "But that's silly! She could have hot and cold running cabana boys!"

My son!

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