Monday, December 11, 2006

Doing for myself

I only have a minute to post - I'm teaching a class in an hour, and need a shower.

Apparently, I needed "me" time yesterday, more than I thought. And, I didn't get it.

Chaos, my son, told me how DESPERATELY he needed a hamburger last night. He wanted Burger King. We settled on Chili's. He doesn't enjoy Chili's, but I love their Bottomless Basket of Chips and Salsa. And I think their burgers are pretty good.

Half-way through dinner, I finally got a refill on my coffee and water. I calmly picked up a tub of creamer, and poured it thoughtfully into my water. And then stared at the black coffee. And the white water.

Chaos laughed. I drank the evidence. It was delicious.

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