Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting Official

With a view to retiring some day, I decided to get certified. I've signed up for The Knitting Guild Of America Master Handknitter program. I got the first packet within a few days of enrolling. It's a deceptively small packet. They suggest a 2" three ring binder for the submission.

Joyce (at Wooly Wonders) is also interested. I'll probably get started with the first swatches this weekend. I think the big thing is to be obsessive-compulsive about the swatches. Ah, darn. It's so HARD for me to be obsessive-compulsive!

On Tuesday I'll officially be the Treasurer for the Nevada Library Association. Obsessive-Compulsive and Masochistic. Heck - it's BALANCING A CHECKBOOK. I can do that.

Tonight is Book Group. We're reading The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. At holiday time, I try to read something un-challenging and holiday related. This is a nice teen book about a boy who discovers he's the "last of the old ones", who must defeat the Dark.

We'll discuss Welsh Myth, Kids Dreams (This one is like Harry Potter, or Kim - normal kid discovers he has amazing power), and ... something else. I was lining these all up in my head last night, when I was mentally preparing my handout. Hopefully I'll remember later today when I actually start putting ideas on paper!

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Fiberjoy said...

Re: your blog title - Sometimes I wonder about my ability to outsmart the string.

The Dark Rising: I'm sure you encouraged everyone to read the entire set. It'd be like reading just the HP Sorcerer's Stone and not the rest. Although, truth to tell, I only read the first three. It's fascinating to see all the hype around one series of books. Shows that timing and marketing are key to success.